These notions must be shared freely. Every mom concerned about "family values" should understand about the

Wide-ranging scientific research demonstrating the positive benefits of nudism for children. Every woman concerned
about pornography should know how firmly the doctrine and practice of Naturism repudiates the objectification

know that numerous of them were unabashed skinnydippers. Christians concerned about upholding sexual morality
With all the teachings of Christ.
how relaxing and therapeutic a weekend at a nudist park might be.
swimming suit should be aware of that there are places in the world where she may enjoy the sensation of sun and water on
her body without attracting unwanted attention.
It is my hope that this file might let you share this great news, and to speak articulately about the
native good of the human body in its natural state.
Nudity is frequently more comfortable and practical than garments.
1. Nudity, on the other hand, is typically considerably
more cozy.
2. For several activities, nudity is often far more practical than clothing.
Bernard Rudofsky writes: "The custom of wearing a bathing suit, a desperate attempt to recapture some of
our lost innocence, represents a graphic expression of white man's hypocrisy. For, obviously, the bathing suit is
Inconsequential to any activity in and under water. It neither keeps us dry or warm, nor could it be an aid to swimming. If the
Intent of bathing would be to get wet, the bathing suit doesn't make us wetter. At best, it is a social attire, such as the dinner
Coat." 1 Yet Americans spend $900,000,000 each year on bathing costumes.2
3. Clothing additionally limits movement, and encumbers the athlete.
Naturism boosts mental health.
4. A nudist isn't a body lacking something (that is, clothes). Rather, a clothed man is a whole and
complete nude body, plus clothes.
5. The clothing we wear are an expression
of who we are.4 The Naturist's comfort with casual nudity, therefore, symbolizes an attitude which is comfortable
With all the self as it's in its most fundamental state, without modification or deceit.
6. Clothing-compulsiveness creates insecurity about one's body. Studies show that nudism, to the other
hand, encourages a positive body self concept.5
These effects are especially critical for girls. Studies by Daniel DeGoede in 1984 supported research
done 16 years previously,6 which established that "of each of the groups measured (nudist males, non-nudist men, nudist
females, and non-nudist females), the nudist females scored highest on body concept, along with the non-nudist females
scored lowest." 7
7. Nudism encourages wholeness of body, rather than setting aside parts of the body as unwholesome and
8. Clothing-compulsiveness locks us into a constant battle between individualism and conformity of apparel.
Nudity frees us from this tension, by cultivating a climate of comfortable individuality without pretense.
9. The practice of nudism is, for nudists, an exceptionally freeing experience. In freeing oneself to be bare in
the clear presence of others, including members of another gender, the nudist also gives up all the social baggage that goes
Together with the nudity taboo.
The North American Guide to Nude Recreation notes that "one reason why a bare lifestyle is really refreshing
is that it delivers us briefly from the sport of clothing. It is difficult to imagine just how much clothes contributes to the
Grasp of daily tensions until we see what it's like to socialize without them.
unreality that prescribes complicated responses to social status, functions and expected behaviors. In shedding our day-to-day
'uniforms,' we also drop a weighty burden of stresses. For a while, at least, we do not have to play the endless
charade of projected call 'daily life.' . . . For once in your lifetime you're a part of a scenario where age,
Profession and social status do not really count for much. You will end up relating more on the basis of who you
Actually are instead of who your clothes say you are." 9 This analysis is borne out by experience.
10. The sense of "freedom" that comes from the nudist experience is consistently rated by nudists as one of
the main reasons they stay in view . Nudism, by freeing the body, helps free the mind and spirit. An irrational clothes-compulsiveness may
inhibit emotional development and health.
Dr. Robert Henley Woody writes, "fear of revealing one's body is a defense. To keep clothing on at all

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