The Puzzle Unclothed Beach of Assateague Island

Guest Blog by: Jessica Marie
My quest to locate the nude beach at Assateague Island Maryland
I have recently become an active person in the nudist community, and I have become totally infatuated with everything about it. Then when my family asked me to head to Maryland with them for a couple days, I instantly tried to learn as much as I could about Maryland's naturist clubs or naturist resorts. To my surprise, after much internet research, found virtually no info about them. Practically no advice, because the most surprising bit of info I could find is that the plage I have been seeing since I was a small kid has its very own "unofficial" naturist beach.
At one point in time the plage, known as Assateague Island, also a National State Park famous for its wild horses, had been a popular unclothed beach. In 1984, a spiritual group from Virginia lobbied the Virginia section of the shore to pass an anti-nudity ordinance. Ever since then, several nudist communities have set on the Maryland side, making it the "unofficial" unclothed beach of Maryland. There, naturists appreciate the freedom they desire.
I finished my research on the naturist clubs by finding several different websites that gave me directions to the strand. My family and I piled into our mini van to start our quests. They were looking for ponies; I was hunting for nudies. After a twenty-minute ride from Ocean City, we finally arrived at Assateague Island National Park. After we paid a small parking fee into the park, some rangers led us to our destination.
We began to head out to the main strand area when we spotted wild horses near the campgrounds. It was at this stage once I decided to ask the park ranger about the unclothed beach. He said the beach is a myth. I refused to believe him. In the end, why would there be an anti-nudity ordinance on the Virginia section of the beach? We finished taking pictures of the horses and move on.
We finally ventured onto the main playa. I packaged my water bottle, iPod, and towel, and after that set out on a quest to find the celebrated nudist beach. I walked for about on the beautiful shell-scattered playa, my feet lazily cooling in the ocean. At this point I quit; the sand was still buzzing with fully-clothed families. Possibly the nude beach was a myth after all, or at least, no longer existed. I determined to keep going since it was a beautiful day and I had nothing left to lose on the experience.
The strand was less packed as I walked another half hour, until finally, there was nearly no one else there. Then all of a sudden, a soft ball rolled past my feet followed by a naked man chasing it. I picked up the toy and threw it back. I grinned. I was ultimately in the correct spot.
I spread out my towel, took off my bathing suit, lay down and allow the exhilarating feeling of naked independence overtake over my body. I took a deep breath knowing I could finally relax. And as if on cue, three wild horses came walking out of behind some of the tall grassy dunes. All the people on the sand went over to hang out with the horses. We even got to pet them before they wandered back over to the bayside of the island.
After some time enjoying the independence of the beach, many of the naturists started leaving. I determined it was probably time I also left to reunite to my family, all the while understanding that I 'll be back for this excellent beach oasis of calmness and tranquility.
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