Societal Acceptance - Life and Endorsement

Guest site by: Kevin W.
Life and Social Approval:
Social Approval - Sitting atop a hill on a clear cool morning observing the sun wake and rise, thoughts on life steadily stream.
A slight gentile breeze wanders through followed by an increasing wind as the sun starts to shine ever so brightly.
Looking all around, I see a tree I've observed grow old over time.
Now I sit reminiscing Mother Nature's shows I've observed none of repeats, all new and different. Here I sit pondering what Mother Nature's life lesson is for me. There are not any birds, no chipmunks, nor squirrels to be seen at this once lively tree. This tree now stands broken, missing all but a part of its trunk. The tree's trunk tells a narrative of many woodpecker strikes, wood boring insects, and signs of being once lived in by squirrels. There lies its branch turning into earth.
Once upon a time, this tree was a seed in the ground laying in watch for the day it got the strength and courage to sprout out on its adventure. Through its life, it'd challenges to conquer and accept.
One day you had been brought onto earth with nothing but your innocent nude body. You'd no worries with no care in the world except to be loved and fed. The media does not discuss baby so you weren't told what bodies are attractive or what bodies you should view as disgusting, obscene, fat, ugly, sickly skinny, and so on. All you understood was that you were you and that other person was just another man that wanted simply to be loved and fed just like you.
Infant in tree hole
As time went on you got old, you found others around you who are substantially older and have views that were altered by society saying the Natural Life is to be regarded as awful and shall be frowned upon. A little old now and you are starting your school career, not doing much yet but learning how exactly to play and share toys with your peers. Elders in your life direct what and how you'll conduct yourself. Elders say you will end up dressed in any respect times except when bathing. You don't comprehend as you spent your first few years of life running around outside in nothing but your skin.
You're dazed in confusion but do as told; you wear clothes in fear of getting in trouble. You're uncomfortable as the summertime heat is getting you sweat and your garments are sticking to you personally. Your told to set this on as your going to the sand, your thinking, wait, how come? When we went to the beach before, we never wore anything. You put on the swimsuit, head to the strand, play in the sand, sand is trapped between your skin and suit, scraping you, making you sore and bloody. You get in the water and wash out the sand, ah comfort, coolness, now lying on your towel sunbathing. Sunbathing was a fond memory, now your fighting the swimsuit that all wet, adhering to you, bunching up, giving you wedgies, the rubber band is hurting your crotch, you attempt to fix it but you get yelled at by an elder for "touching yourself". Ouch the pain and now humiliation. What are you supposed to do, tolerate the pain and hope nothing goes wrong medically with your "components" because the elder scolded you for attempting to fix your swimsuit? Think not, done with going to the beach ever again.
Life Approval
Time passes, memories are fleeting, you don't think about anything but what to wear. Years after, someone says, remember when Oh the days of camp, how wonderful to be free. You listen carefully and request what changed. You are told, school. "What, school?" Yes, the school's staff said we could no longer take one to camp in panic you'd be different than your peers. "My peers?" "My peers like other kids at camp?" No, school. We'll never head to camp again because of the school.
You are and thinking about what's missing in life. You remember camp and how you loved the freedom and worry free setting. You didn't care then about your body's look nor anyone else's. Will it be the same now as then?
Remembering the "school" fear, you understand you must be close. ContactYes, come on down for a visit. OK.
Arrive at one camp, hmm, not comfortable but rather welcoming and family style. You're invited to join in a game of volleyball and a snack with a bit of sunbathing, quite lovely and relaxing.
Life Endorsement
Arrival at second camp, hmm, a feeling, a remembrance, it's ever so slowly coming back, yes, yes it is, that is where I spent my first few years of life. Ah, house. am dwelling. But look around, barely anyone around, cottages are gone, club house appears so quite little to me now, you can find trailers now not tents, and now I am all alone going to camp, when I can.
Just like the old tree, we started out full of life, had a fun filled youthful life, and today we are dwindling down. Many moved on and left us with only memories. As the tree trusts to not be forgotten, we hope that life as Mother Nature intended it to be will never be denied and others will come checkout a life of independence. There's nothing better in relation to the feeling of liberty, feeling of relaxation, basking in the realization that your body's appearance means nothing as you're you and that is all anyone shall adore you for. Do not deny yourself, do not deny nor disrespect Mother Nature for creating you as you are. Mother Nature sees you as exquisitely beautiful. Leave your stresses behind you and visit a camp, resort, or playa as you will see that no one cares what you look like and you may make a lot of buddies that you simply've been missing out on your own entire life.
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