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People Don't Know I am A Naturist Underneath These Clothing.. Are You Out Of The Nudist Closet?
Secret Nudist - If you are a nudist or tried out naturism, does everyone in your life understand? All of your buddies, family, possibly coworkers? Or Friday comes, you leave for the plage, and strip from your textile-identity costume like Superman in a phone booth. Except you are completely unclothed and probably even more yourself in essence than you were before.
So who would you tell? Or who CAN you tell about your naturist lifestyle? Occasionally it's difficult to foresee reactions. You might get shock, disgust, embarrassment, . In my scenario, I've really spent most of my life being close concerning this small subculture of mine. Once I was younger my parents instructed me to not go around telling everyone I was a naturist because not everyone would understand it.
Nevertheless this didn't keep me from blurting it out to some girls and a leader in my girl scout troupe while on a car ride when I was 8 or 9. While the girls were a bit surprised and confounded, happily our leader wasn't and nonchalantly said something like, "Yeah some folks do like to go nude in the summer or on the plage."
My most modest buddy said she went into shock for 3 days. This is it, I believed, everyone is going to be freaked out about this, and I've to be careful of telling anyone. In high school, I realized that cautiousness was not so crucial, as I acquired some very liberal and open-minded buddies who were surprised, but accepting and interested to know about it. The same occurred with college friends.
I was always close, though, just telling my closest friends. Granted, grade school and high school are all about fitting in; you're not permitted to be different and nudist is definitely classified as different. And yet, many folks young and old will still select to hide this part of their lives, not wanting co-workers or "textilists" to understand, people who'd think it is odd, wrong, affecting, etc.
Secret Nudist
Many naturists keep their nude life a secret on account of the amazingly taboo nature of nudity in this state. Generally, any infringement of the taboo is going to be rejected by our society.
An article, "Facing the public nudity taboo" by Anthony Layng, originally printed in USA Today, clarifies in detail the reasons and rules of the naked taboo, where it stems from in history, and how it compares to other states and societies. He states, "By linking unclothed bodies with sex and immorality, public nudity is considered obscene"(p. 1).
He points out that the special body parts we choose to cover and when are cultural norms, like a woman covering her breasts while breastfeeding. Americans' aversion to public nudity varies greatly with many countries in Europe, Africa, and beyond, where naked sunbathing and public breastfeeding are commonplace and ordinary.
Meanwhile, anybody who has tried it knows that naturism just means we appreciate being outside in nature, being completely ourselves, and loving it with other people who accept us as we accept them.
The author of the post also states, "Although many knowledgeable Americans consider our public nudity taboo to be anachronistic, there presently is not any organized national attempt to challenge it, and I do not expect any kind of social movement dedicated to the demise. However, there has been a long-term trend suggesting that, in the not too distant future, America will grow more accepting of nudity" (p.6).
So why not speed up our progress by telling more people in our lives about our love of naturism?
It is still crucial to be cautious about telling others (like your boss). But if we want to drive the naturist movement on, individuals should meet nudists to know they're available, to ask questions, and to learn naturists are ordinary, great people. We should not have to conceal it as if it's wrong and forbidden. It's just nudity, so go out and tell folks you're a naturist! You might face some negative reactions as you talk about going openly naked in a country of folks brought as much as feel repulsed or humiliated by public nudity.
Yet you might be surprised, also; whoever you tell could turn into your hottest nude beach-best friend by next summer. Or that buddy who mysteriously quits calling you..(Eh, who wants'em?) Now let's make a world where naturists don't have to hide their love of going nude!
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